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"I'm still thinking of the ideal future lakeside sailboat built for the regatta", here is the brief specification that Olivier Luthi (Luthi shipyard) presents to Michel Desjoyeaux, his long-time friend, and his "Mer Forte" design office. .

The young architect Olivier Mousselon was then in charge of the project.

Michel Vaucher (Voiles Gauthier) is working on the car plans. This is how CT Mer Forte imagines and designs this new sailboat built by Olivier Luthi.

Quickly, the basic idea develops and consists in imagining a sailboat with the fewest possible concessions.

A refined sailboat using the latest construction technologies and the most efficient materials of the moment. A sailboat intended for pure lake racers capable of replacing the famous "Toucan" and becoming the benchmark in terms of performance for boats in its category.

Light, fast, easy to maneuver, stiff on the canvas, minimum wetted surface, capable of exceptional performance, the Luthi F10 was born!.

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