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10 years of experience in offshore racing projects and an innovative design incorporating new technologies to support and optimize maritime projects.

  •  Analysis, study and preliminary projects

  • Plans and technical specifications

  • Naval architecture

  • High performance design and engineering

  • Modeling and calculations

  • Consulting and project follow-up

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© Bureau MAURIC
©Frédéric Augendre

architecture, design camp; conception

Design and conception of one-designs, prototypes, exceptional units

Global projects of racing sailboats and professional vessels

new and refit

Design of specific high performance parts

Innovative solutions for on-board systems and propulsion
Design and calculation of structures, modeling and calculation of forces

Sizing according to specifications.​​

Optimization of mechanical systems and technical choices

Adaptation to manufacturing processes and budgetary constraints


Studies and engineering

Technology transfer of techniques

Advice and improvements

Study of mechanical systems, performance, structures

Advice on systems implementation and general arrangement

Structural mechanics, design stress analysis

Creation of specifications, analysis of design constraints



Pre-projects, sizing, behavior forecasting and performance



Stability study

Construction follow-up


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