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WISAMO - Michel Desjoyeaux

"Wisamo is no longer a project, it is now a development program." - Michel Desjoyeaux

On the occasion of our partner's Innovation Day solidworks, our representative and co-founder Michel Desjoyeaux  took part in the Q&A game. In an interview he explains the progress of the development program WISAMO, using, among other solutions, software solidworks.
The objective of this innovation? The decarbonization of the oceans thanks to the sail propulsion of commercial ships.

But WISAMO, what is it all about?

WISAMO (Wing Sail Mobility) is an initiative of the group Michelin. This program develops an adaptable wind propulsion solution for all types of ships and in particular cargo ships (new or existing), and contributes to the decarbonization of maritime transport thanks to a significant reduction in the consumption of heavy fuel oil, thus generating a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

WISAMO's ambition is to help people conquer new frontiers for the planet, in a process of sustainable growth.
The WISAMO team is agile, powerful, resolutely innovative, and committed to a very real adventure in line with Michelin's "all-sustainable" approach.

Find this interview now below:


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