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In partnership with the MAURIC office responsible for studying the entire hull and structure, CT Mer Forte is carrying out the "Duplex" rig study and CFD calculations on the aerodynamic flow of the NEOLINER rig.

This project led by NEOLINE aims to develop and implement a transport solution aimed at drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, while providing shippers with a reliable, highly qualitative service. and competitive.

The NEOLINE solution is based on the unprecedented development of a cargo ship designed for transoceanic navigation and mainly propelled by an inexhaustible, 100% clean and free energy: the wind.

NEOLINER is a ro-ro cargo ship (roll on-roll off) with sail propulsion and diesel-electric auxiliary propulsion.

It is equipped with a duplex rig, the study of which is carried out by CT Mer Forte, an innovative formula which promotes the regularity and efficiency of navigation under sail.

Among the many innovative elements of the project, certain technological choices are particularly decisive, such as that  of the duplex rigging:

  • Increased efficiency upwind and downwind.

  • Increase in sail area without impacting air draft.

  • Improved rig stability.

  • Natural transmission of forces in the chords.

  • No impact on loading spaces.


The pre-project studies being finalized, the project is now in its construction tender phase in order to choose, by the end of the year, the site that will build the first 2 units.

These first 2 ships will be positioned on a transatlantic line which will link, from 2020, Saint-Nazaire to the American east coast, and in particular Baltimore, with 2 departures per month.

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