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Figaro Beneteau 3

Image VPLP.jpg
Photo credit: VPLP

Since October 2015, CT Mer Forte has been supporting the Bénéteau group in its project to replace the Figaro Bénéteau 2 prototype.

The adventure begins by putting into perspective the elements of the specifications pre-established by the Figaro Class during the winter of 2015. Following the architectural competition in the spring of 2016 which appointed the VPLP cabinet, the group maintains its confidence in the CT Mer Forte team by entrusting it with the role of design office dedicated to the project.


On the strength of the experience in site management and monitoring acquired in particular on IMOCA projects, the CT Mer Forte team, and in particular Adrian MAGUET, has therefore created and enriched, using CATIA solutions, the digital model of the project in close collaboration with the architects and the construction team based in Cheviré.

Michel DESJOYEAUX, for his part, brought all his experience on the previous support to come up with ergonomic solutions guaranteeing safety and maximum performance.


Michel DESJOYEAUX: “I loved the exercise of designing this prototype, which made me discover another way of collaborating with partners, architects and shipyards, whom I have come across a lot in my career. I applied myself to putting all my accumulated knowledge into it so that future users/competitors benefit from the best possible boat for the program, and... who knows, come back to it myself one day!! »

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