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La Mie Câline-Artipole 2

La Mie Caline.jpg

CT Mer Forte carried out   the study of this important project.

The work consisted of the complete replacement of the classic rigging with a new wing mast with a more aft outrigger, the integration of foils in place of the daggerboards, the replacement of the steering system by the integration of flip-up and interchangeable rudders as well as modification of the ballast system.

The entire structure of the sailboat has been modified and redesigned to allow the platform to absorb the new forces due to the integration of the foils.

The stern of the boat has been opened to integrate lifting rudders, which are lighter and more efficient.

The mast foot moved back one meter and the interior structure fitted out to save weight.

Thanks to all these transformations and its optimization, the sailboat has been lightened by nearly 800 kilos to gain in performance.

Photo credit: Vincent Olivaud
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